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The Awesome Women Global Network

is an arm of Children Evangelism Ministry International. 

The mission statement is to empower women to flourish from womb through life, and the goal is to minister to women at every stage of their  life. We hope to make this a global mission.


The Awesome Women Global Network is comprised of several programs:

1.  Life Choice International Initiatives - To protect the sanctity of life of the unborn and promote sexual integrity among the youth. 

2Baby Ministry - To care for babies from womb through life.

3. Women Who Care Programs - To see to the welfare of women by women. 

4. Woman at the Well - To minister to despised and abused women. 

5. Battle for the Seed of the Woman - To fight and win the battles against our children.



Mrs. Bisi Chukwudile is the wife of Tony Chukwudile and is the executive Director and founder of Awesome Women Global Network.

After decades of Children Evangelism, Youth outreaches, Women Who Care program, Baby Ministry, Prolife programs, Bible Study programs, Radio broadcasts and Television appearances, Mrs. Chukwudile has decided to bring everything together into one; the Awesome Women Global Networks. A multi talented and multi purposed friend of God, lover of the Holy Spirit, and  Ambassador of Christ she is the founder and executive director of Awesome Women  Global Network.


Founded in 1979  in Nigeria as Children Evangelism Ministry, it presently has branches in every state of Nigeria as well as several parts of the world, including several African and European countries, as well as in North America and the West Indies.

CEM has done active ministry in the countries of Albania, People’s Republic of China, Spain, Holland, Hungary, Canada, Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Namibia, Sudan, Central African Republic, Niger Republic, Chad Republic, Ivory Coast, Gambia, and Guinea Bissau, Kenya,  Rwanda and of course United States of America among others. CEM keeps expanding her outreaches as God opens more doors.


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