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  • Snacks, Breads and Cakes

  • Party Dishes and African foods Preparation.

  • Event Management and Decoration

  • Interior Decorations

  • Making of Hats, Handfan, Veils, and Wedding Items

  • Cosmetology: Manicure, Pedicure

  • Hair Weaving and Braiding, etc

  • Hair Barbing

  • Facial makeup artistry

  • Gele Tying            

  • Child Care and Baby Ministry Specialist

  • Public Speaking and Comportment

  • Phonetics and Pronounciation

  • Ministerial dance

  • Bead and Jewelry making

  • Training of Engagement Gager

  • Soap making: Liquid and Bar Soap

  • Tie and Dye Making

  •  Stove-wick making

  • Child Care and Baby Ministry Specialist

  • Youth Ministry Specialist

  • Fine Arts (Regular and Special)

  • Tailoring and Sowing Fashion School (Regular and Special)

  • Hair dressing (Special for Braids)

  • Horticulture and Flower Arrangements (Regular and Special)

  • House Painting as Vocation for Challenged Persons

  • The Art of the Scrap: Making Beautiful Objects from Scraps


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