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If it is impossible for a Christian to have a demon then what explanation is there for Peter being possessed by the Spirit of God in one instance and almost immediately to be addressed as Satan by the Lord Jesus Christ, meaning that in one instance, Peter was housing the Holy Spirit who spoke though him and almost immediately after, he was housing demons spirits who also spoke through him.

Another thing we need to know is that when we are saying someone needs deliverance or even possessed or oppressed by demons, it is not to say that person is a demon or a devil.

The Bible calls evil spirits, strangers, aliens or intruders, or thieves, or usurpers etc. This means that they are separate from the human spirit which God made in His own image.

Evil spirits come into humans because they need a body to express themselves and intertwine themselves so tightly to humans that sometimes one cannot distinguish between the beautiful spirit in the person and the demon spirit using or inhabiting the person.

That is when we have to know how to discern the difference between the person and the demons.

Whenever I see something therefore not in accordance with God’s will in my life or in the life of my children, I send the weapons of God to destroy the spirit behind them. Anything not of God is of the evil one.

Maybe if we truly understand how vicious the devil is, it may help us to understand demonology a little better.

The adversary we are contending with is utterly merciless, heartless, wicked to the very core, unjust in the very essence of his being He has no regard for the child or the aged. He is forever searching for whom to devour.

HE would even attack an innocent helpless baby in the womb! There is no end to his degeneration.

What could be more daring and unimaginable than Satan trying to get God Almighty in the person of the Lord Jesus to bow down to him? Jesus  Christ to bow down and worship him!

If he could do that, then he could try to oppress, possess, and suppress anyone.

What we need to do to demons is to cast them out! It really doesn’t matter where the demon is, whether its inside the person in the mind or soul, or outside in the physical body in the form of afflictions or ailments let’s just cast them out!

It might interest us all to know that Jesus cast out demons from following him.

“Get you behind me Satan!” is casting him out

Twice Jesus did self-deliverance on Himself!

So let’s just get on with it,

Let’s constantly deliver ourselves.

The truth of the matter is that there is no benign or mild evil spirit. There is an evil spirit behind every evil action, every habit or even evil words. If you notice anything in you or around you that looks like it belongs to the devil, cast it out!

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