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Lets Talk About Gardens


​My friend, Grace who had dropped French sometime in high school determined to practice her faltering French while hoping to also share the gospel with him.  She innocently volunteered to show him around UI.

She took him to The Botanical Gardens, one of  UI's prides. On seeing the garden, the young man suddenly became amorous as he began to tell her  both in English and French how beautiful she was.

As they crossed a brook, he stooped and removed Grace’s shoes and began to wash her feet, telling her all the time how beautiful she was! “je t’adore, je t’adore,” he kept saying.

Grace, a Christian who had no ulterior motives except to practice French and maybe share the gospel and having no knowledge of French culture was alarmed! She wanted to run for dear life, thinking she was about to be raped! She came back to Queens Hall to narrative to us her close encounter with danger.

We assured her that it was being in the garden that flared the romantic in the young French man.

Share your thoughts about gardens down below and order the book: A Garden Romance 


LOCATION:  Ilawe Rd Housing Estate, Ado-Ekit, Ekiti State, Nigeria. 

ACSAH GARDENS  was conceived out of a desire for intimacy with God in a beautiful garden setting.

Realizing that the first wedding took place in a garden makes this uniquely beautiful place perfect for your weddings and receptions.


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